Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?

Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?
Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden

The most common question of cat owners is Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?. I will explain what to do when cats are fighting and even very seriously but mostly accept each other in close range.

Why do cats fight the reasons can be

1. Boredom

The cats aren’t getting enough daily physical exercise and mental stimuli. This results in great frustration Being overly sensitive moody and grumpy.

2. Lack of Resources

Lack of resources at home like cat trees, sleeping places, litter boxes and so on. All the cats don’t have a calm feeding place and get disturbed by the other cats.

3. Wrong Behavior

Wrong behavior from the owner. which increases or causes the negative behavior of the cats.

4. Wrong Socialization

Fight between cat may be one of the reasons is Wrong socialization between the cats. They weren’t encouraging enough or not in the right way to have a positive relationship.

5. Cat Breed (unsuitable cat)

Unsuitable cats were picked. the needs of play in physical contact or cuddle are two different of each cat

6. Sickness

Cats that are sick and in pain can become aggressive or fearful.

7. Outdoor Access

Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?
Outdoor Access

Access to the outdoors isn’t sufficient. In general, every cat needs access to the outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and direct sunlight.

How much Access does a cat need to be truly happy? It depends on each cat. some cats are satisfied with a balcony or enclosure like calm cats for example. Others need at least a backyard or even the possibility to go completely outside. That goes for cats with high and medium energy levels each individual need of being outside can vary with play or cat furniture or similar at home.

8. Keeping A Cat Solitary For Years.

Indoor cats that I kept solitary lose their social skills. To restore that it can require a lot of time and help from the owner. Especially cats which were taken as kittens from the cat mother’s way too early. That means younger than 12 weeks of age and is kept solitary afterward have big problems. But socializing those cats again isn’t impossible.

Some months ago a question surrounding in my mind Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden and I search on the internet for an answer. I found some solution and I faced some experience which I share in this blog post.

Now I will tell about my personal case with my two cats. When they were three years of age. They suddenly started fighting. My male cat Oh teeny bullet his sister yo Sara. The attacks from Otani became more and more serious and completely merciless.

This resulted in a big loss of confidence for Yozora and their relationship getting highly damaged. it took five to six months till I found the complete recipe for peace. through a lot of research and trying things out. I finally found the solution.

If I would have known what I know now. I would have resolved the situation in just a few weeks. Unfortunately getting wiser takes time but since I found the solution. They never fought or had any arguments again. For six years we have peace and both are since then best friends and really sweet and cuddly to each other.

At the above post, we discuss Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden? now discuss to solve the problem of catfighting.

Now I Explained How to Bring Peace Into Your Home Again.

1. Go To The Vet For The Health

Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?
Go To The Vet For The Health

If the cats are not fixed. They should be as quickly as possible also all cats should go to the vet for the health check with full blood exam and the teeth should be properly checked too.

2. Daily Play With Your Cats

Daily play is absolutely important. How often that has to be done depends on how much the cats need. So that has to be tested for each cat. My cats need to play three times a day for 15 minutes. I play after breakfast than after the second meal at 6 p.m. and then the last time before sleeping time.

The proper way of playing is important too. you should use a toy like a stick with feathers or something for playing fetch and really drained the energy of your cats with that. after every play session.

They have to lay on the side and be completely tired. Additional to that I recommend agility. which makes it get tired very fast and for a long time. agility is like parkour of a cat tree through tunnels and so on.

Going on outdoor walks with indoor cats

Going on outdoor walks with indoor cats
Going on outdoor walks with indoor cats

I also recommend going on outdoor walks with indoor cats. through that, you are able to provide a lot more physical or mental exercise. Then just doing activities at home.

Especially mental stimuli through a big variety of experiences and discoveries. Which can never be recreated at home enrich very much the life of an indoor cat? Cats become a lot more good-tempered, happy, confident, less sensitive or grumpy and direct to stress or new situations a lot calmer.

It also keeps their mind young and active. the most important thing for peace at home. without it, it would have never worked, especially since they are highly active and full of energy.

If you have calm cats you could achieve peace without going on a walk. so an important requirement for successful walks or hikes with cats is the right training. how to train cats right and

If for whatever reason you don’t want to walk your cats. you can use a good alternative which is bike riding. the cat sits in a safe bike basket and can enjoy the view and smells of the outdoors. that doesn’t come close to walking a cat at all.

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3. Give Access At your Home

If you think Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden? the reason may be your home access for your cat. If you have a balcony. you should give the cats access to it and it’s best to secure it with a cat net. If you don’t have a balcony. You should put a cat net or grit on a window. So you can open it completely. The cats have access to fresh air and direct sunlight.

Of course with fighting cats, you should do that with at least two windows. so they won’t fight over resources. Then you should observe in which areas the cats fight. usually, It’s always the same areas for example In dead ends.

Where the victim can be a trap by the attacker and doesn’t have any way out. In Quechua caves in room corners on wardrobes where you can only get on and off from one side and gaps under beds sofas and so on or in narrow hallways.

Change Areas and Arrange Rooms

Where cats are forced to walk past each other very closely or fights around litter boxes. These areas have to be changed by all means in room corners you can put cat trees or similar. Create at a wardrobe always two ways to get on and off with a catwalk for example: In the cat, recaps cut a second exit or buy cat trees which have already caves with two exits.

if you can’t change the cat recaps for whatever reason. you should block those somehow so the cats can’t get in. if you have a narrow hallway. you can put a narrow cat tree or better shelves or catwalk on the wall. so that one cat can walk on the ground and the other over the cat tree or shelves. if they fight around litter boxes get more litter boxes and put them into different rooms. it’s absolutely important that the litter boxes are without a lid and never be put into corners.

instead, they should be in an area where the cats have three exit points. from the front from the left and right. with difficult areas, you may need to become creative. and willing to have your home a little less looking like you may like. I need absolutely to stress that if you don’t change those fighting areas that cats have little to no chance for peace and will fight till the end of their lives and there is no quality of living.

4. Thinks You Should Not Do

Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden?
Thinks You Should Not Do

If you find a solution for Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden? Don’t let your cat steal food from each other. every cat needs their own Bowl and proper distance for a relaxed meal. if the ball stands too close to each other it will increase the stress. especially with sensitive and unsure cats.

Make Distance Between Cats

At least one to one-and-a-half meter distance. If a cat wants to steal from the other block the thief. If you can’t do that feed in different rooms. Don’t let your cats chase others away from areas like sleeping places from your lab and so on.

The attacker should be sent away and the victim should be put back to the place. You can talk to the attacker with a serious voice but never scream or be harsh. With that, you will teach all cats to be fair and that bullying is not accepted.

Don’t Be Passive

Don’t be passive when cats fight. if you see your cats fighting to go-between and separate them. statements which advise to only go between fighting cats when there’s blood are my opinion complete nonsense. every fight needs to be stopped.

If you don’t do that the cats will collect more and more negative experiences with each other. And that is absolutely no health for peace. Especially when it comes to bullying the victim loses its confidence with every single time and becomes with it an even easier target which will lead to more and worse attacks.

Plus it will lead to the victim peeing and so on outside the litter box out of stress. After you separated the fighting cats come them down when they are, bring them back together. use for that food cuddle and after that play.

Play After A Fight

cat suddenly aggressive towards owner
Play After A Fight

So playing after a fight is also very important. don’t be passive if you see a cat planning to ambush the other or shows that it wants to do something bad. With that, you can completely prevent a fight. but stopping the plant attack isn’t enough. after that, you need to get our toys and play with the attacker’s proper playing session.

Since a cat only attacks if it has too much energy. if you drain the energy with play the cat doesn’t have any strength left to do nonsense. you should never play with a laser pointer. since a cat can’t catch the dot of light it can lead to frustration, more aggression and more hunting instinct towards other cats.

It is absolutely important that a cat can successfully catch a toy chew on it and carry it around. so it can live out its hunting instinct properly and only with it you can lower the risk of a cat acting out its hunting instinct on other cats.

Free Feeding

I don’t recommend free feeding. fixed mealtimes are very important to set a successful play routine. And to ensure all cats being in playing mood or tired and sleepy at a certain time. If your cats eat at different times then one cat will be in playing mood when the other isn’t. Then fights are bound to happen. Also, it’s more difficult to check if there are fights while the cats eat or if they can enjoy the meal in a relaxed manner.

Don’t lock your cats out of the bedroom so you can always hear properly if something goes wrong between them at night. if the cats are noisy at night or fight. you can train them to sleep through the whole night.

3. Observe

Observe the play fights and interactions between the cats. Even a friendly interaction or play can turn into a serious fight. So you should always have an eye on that and go between them if necessary.

Clear signs that something is going wrong are he singing growling, loud screaming due to pain, defensive meowing. The bites and scratches go till blood and lastly catch chasing each other. cats can do that full of joy but also in a serious fight.

4. Make a bond between cats

When we think about Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden? a reason may be bonding between cats. Making the bond between the cats strong through positive reinforcement. Giving treats when the cats are next to each other or if necessary with some distance. The cat shouldn’t try to steal from each other. Giving cats their meals closely to each other but still giving a respectful distance from one to one-and-a-half meters.

Again I don’t recommend free feeding for that. playing with both cats in the same room by turns. the cat should wait patiently for their turn. While the others playing with one cat one minute then with the other and so on.

Giving cuddle and a lot of praise when the cats are close to each other and friendly. In general, offer cuddles often for both cats at the same time by cuddling each cat with one hand with that you show the cats that there is no reason for jealousy and that you can share affection with both cats at the same time. going on outdoor walks together I build a strong bond between cats.

So here we completed post on Why Are My Cats Fighting All Of A Sudden

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