Siberian Cat Breeds, Facts, History, Lifespan, Colors, and Price

Siberian Cat Breeds, Facts, History, Lifespan, Colors, and Price
Siberian Cat Breeds

The Siberian cat is a beautiful magical breed of cat. They have a unique build a cheerful-looking face. They are stocky and definitely strong the hind legs are actually slightly longer in the front legs. That is growing in popularity in the United States and throughout the world due to its many unique characteristics. What is it that causes people to love Siberian so much we’ll let you know in this blog.

Life Span:  9 to 18 years
Length: 15.0”-18.0” (38-46 cm)
Height: 9.0”-11.0″ (23-28 cm)
Weight: 15 to 20 pounds
Eye Color: Blue eyes or one eye of a different color.
Colors: Siberian cats have striped, spotted (the stripes on their sides are broken up into spots) or shaded tabby patterns (where the pattern is faded out- this can occur in goldens and silvers)
Price: $75 To $100

Siberian Cat Breeds

Featuring our Siberian cat’s kitsune and Maneki Siberian forest cats also referred to as Siberian cats. Siberians are an ancient breed of cat. Formal in the 1980s and started showing up in the United States in the 1990s.

The Siberian cat is one of the so-called forest cat breeds. Which also includes the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat. They’re found in Russia and Ukraine and they are Russia’s national breed of cat. Siberian forest cats are in the forest classification of cat breeds.

Hence their name is the national cat of Russia. The most representative feature of the Siberian cat is their lush 3 layered fur. They’re notably long fur also applies to the ears and the feet. which can be of virtually any color except for chocolate or violet. They usually have green or amber eyes although blue can also be present.

Love Families Member and Entertainment

Siberian Cat Breeds
Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

These breeds are good candidates for families with allergies perhaps. The biggest reason why people love Siberian forest cats is due to their temperament and personalities. They’re almost like having a dog in a cat’s body they love being around people.

They are sociable very friendly, playful and energetic and they go along with people of all ages children adults even other cats and other pets including dogs. Siberian forest cats are also known to be somewhat needy. They do love attention from their humans and often are in the same room with them.

If well socialized they will relate well with all kinds of individuals whether adults’ children other cats or even dogs they are also very playful creatures one aspect of Siberian cat care that needs specific attention is the maintenance of their fur.

Their little quirky behaviors are absolutely adorable but it is important that you play with them. Every day as they are very energetic and athletic of course. They are very energetic as kittens but they do tend to maintain this playfulness throughout their lifespan due to Siberian cat’s physical characteristics and personality. 

This causes them to have an arch in their back and makes them very agile and they are celebrated jumpers the large eyes on the Siberian cat’s face have a small upturned angle which is a characteristic of the breed and gives them their sweet.

Siberian Weight

They weight between 4.5 and 9 kilograms for both males and females allow each cat has its own specific character generally. They are a breed that stands out for a suitable affectionate and friendly temperament.

Siberian Cat Care

We should brush at least two or three times a week to eliminate knots and reduce hairballs. Provide only quality food that will help to improve the health and mental of your cat. We also need to spend a minimum of 30 minutes of play per day on mental stimulation games. That is helping to keep active and fit.

These cats are usually in a good state of health in fact as a relatively recently registered breed. There are few known hereditary diseases although they can occur spontaneously for cats where this does occur they should not reproduce despite their relative good health vaccinations and periodic deworming schedules are necessary their life expectancy for the breed is between 18 and 20 years like.

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