Short Legged Cat Breed Information

Short Legged Cat Breed Information
Short Legged Cat

Short Legged Cat breeds have long been liked by cat lovers. From time to time, many species of cats have been produced by crossing many short-legged cat breeds.

S.noName Height
1 Lambkin Cat 7-8 Inches
2 Skookum Cat 5-6 Inches
3 Napoleon Cat 7-8 Inches
4 Minskin Cat 7-8 Inches
5 Dwelf Cat 6-7 Inches
6 Kinkalow Cat 7-8 Inches
7 Bambino Cat 7-9 Inches
8 Cornish Cat 7-10 Inches
9 Singapura Cat 6-8 Inches
10 American Curl Cat 18-20 inches
11 Russian Toybob Cat 7-8 inches

1. Lambkin Cat

Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 5-9 lb
Physique: Small and stocky

Lambkin Cat is also known as Nanus Rex. There is no exact information about the origin of this breed but people believe that the origin of this species was developed by Terry Harris in around 1987 or 1991. Terry Harris was from the US who was an American breeder.

Lambkin Cat is a rare breed that is not easily found. If this cat is in your house, you will feel lucky and used to breed Selkirk Rex and a Munchkin to create this breed.

Because this cat is a cross of a dwarf cat, this cat is also a dwarf cat species. These species have short legs and long bodies. This species has short legs and a long body.

2. Skookum Cats

Height: Short
Female Weight: 3 and 5 pounds
Male Weight: 5 and 7 pounds
Physique: Small and stocky

It is also a small breed cat that has many similarities to the Munchkin cat. But its curls meet the LaPerm cat with another parent breed.

Their heads are wide and round. Their eyes are bigger than their head, and their body is firm and muscular. But they do not look much bigger than this, due to the length of their legs, their height works.

They have very thick hair on their body and some have less. Although they are found in many colors, mainly they are in dark brown, golden brown and white color.

3. Napoleon Cat

Napoleon Cat
Napoleon Cat

Height: Short
Weight: 5 – 9 lbs
Physique: Small and medium

Cat of the Minuet breed, also known as Napoleon Cat. This hybrid breed is a cat of this species develop from the crosses of Munchkins and Persian-type cats (Persians, Himalayans, and Exotics). 

Their head is round and big, their head is shaped like a dome. The shape of their face is such that there is always a smile on their face. As it is on the face of a doll, on seeing this, you also find a smile on this face, it is a very cute cat species.

By the way, it is found in many colors. This species is found on both short and long hair

4. Minskin Cat

Minskin Cat
Minskin Cat

Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 4-6 lb
Physique: Small and medium
Lifespan: 12-14 years

The cat of this species is derived from the crossing of the Munchkin and Sphynx cat. The special thing about the cat of this species is that the cats of this species are only small height and there is no hair on the body. Because of this, some of their similarities resemble the Bambino cat. But their eyes are round and ears are long and their entire body has points which can be seen on their ears, back and tail.

In 1998 Paul Richard McSorley began producing the species in Boston, Massachusetts.

Paul Richard was to produce a small-leg breed with a color point similar to that of some Siamese. Along with this, he used Devon Rex and a Burmese cat to get this breed. They got their first kitten in 2000.

5. Dwelf Cat

This species originated from the cat 3 species of cats, consisting of Munchkin, Sphynx and the American Curl. And the properties of these three species of cats are seen in Dwelf Cat. 

Dwelf cat got short legs from Munchkin and got the quality of hairlessness from Sphynx cat and the distinctive curled ears from the American curl.

This cat proves to be a very good friend. Also, These breeds are clever, so you should take care of them more. Also, there is no hair on their body, so it is better to keep them indoors mostly because their skin is very sensitive.

If we talk about Dwelf Cat price, It depends on their breed but generally, it is available in the market in the price of $ 2,000 to $ 3,000.

6. Kinkalow Cat

Kinkalow Cat
Kinkalow Cat

Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 3-7 lbs
Lifespan: 12-15 years
Physique: Compact, Short Legged cat

Kinkalow can be brought home to anyone who loves cats. The cats of this species love children. The U.S. of this species breeder named Terri Harris began crossing Munchkins with American Curls.

This experiment yielded a different breed of cat. He has a round head and small ears, which were completely different from the characteristics of his parents.

This species received experimental breed status from The International Cat Association (TICA), and the breed has also been recognized by the Dwarf Cat Association (TDCA).

If you want to bring a Kinkalow kitten to your home then it might be a good idea

7. Bambino Cat

Bambino Cat
Bambino Cat

Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 5-9 pound
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Physique: Compact, Short Legged, Hairless

This cat breed that was created as a cross between the Sphynx and the Munchkin breeds. This species was registered by TICA in 2005 as an experimental breed. “Bambino” is an Italian word meaning “baby” because kittens of this species look like a newborn.

He got a strong leg feature from Munchkin and a hairless body from Sphynx. They are mainly found in white and pink color, their body is small but the ears are very large. Due to the lack of hair on their body, they need regular bathing with soap. Their skin is very sensitive. So they need to avoid strong sun and cold.

8. The Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex Cat
Cornish Rex Cat

Cornish Rex is a domestic pet cat with less body hair and shorter hair. These breeds are found in many colors and color points. Their head shaped like an egg and their ears are much larger than the head.

9. The Singapura Cat

The Singapura Cat
The Singapura Cat

Male Weight: 6-8 lbs.
Female Weight: 4-6 lbs.
Eye color: Hazel, green, yellow
Length: Short
Colors: Sepia-toned

The cat of this species is one of the species of a small cat that was introduced from Singapore in 1970. It was later discovered that the cats were originally shipped from the US to Singapore before they were exported back to the US And then spread all over the world. Their heads are small and large in size of eyes and ears.

10. American Curl

American Curl Cat
American Curl Cat

Height: 7-8 inches
Weight: 5 to 10 pounds
Physique: medium-size cat

The American curl cat breed is one of the youngest breeds. It was born from a natural genetic mutation, the breed got its name from its curved ear. You must have noticed that the cats of this species have little curved ears, which makes them look attractive.

There is more attachment towards children in the cats of this breed. She likes to be around her boss and tries to know what you are doing. American Curl does not like to talk much, sometimes it gives you a chance to speak.

11. Russian Toybob

Height: 7-8 inches
Сategory: Primary
Origin: Russia
Group: Siamese

The Toybob cat was first documented in the Rostov region of Russia in 1983. Russian Toybob is one of the smaller breeds of cats. This cat is one of the Siamese cat categories category. Toyobob is a naturally small bobbed-tailed cat originating in Russia.

The heads of these breeds are round and the ears and eyes are large.
The tail of this species of cats is very short. Which is hidden in their body hair.

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