Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Facts, History, Lifespan, Colors

Scottish Fold Munchkin Cat Facts, History, Lifespan, Colors
Scottish fold munchkin

Scottish Fold Munchkins Cat Species as Experimental Breeds Accepted by The International Cat Association (TICA).

The cat of this species originated from the crosses of Scottish Fold and Munchkins. Due to this the properties of both these species are seen in the Scottish fold Munchkins.

The cat of this species has its ear folded. It is found by the Scottish fold, and the short legs are obtained by the Munchkins.

But it is important to note that it is not necessary that all the cats of this species have their ears folded or straight. It is 50% possible that the ears are folded.

Price: $900 to $1000
Temperament: They are affectionate, intelligent, loyal, playful, social, and very loving children and householders.
Male Weight: 7 up to 11 pounds
Female Weight: 5 up to 8 pounds.
Height:  7 – 10 inches
Colors: black, blue, red, cream, and also silver.
Lifespan: 11 up to 14 years.
Price: $1,000 to $1500
Scottish Fold Munchkin Cats Facts
Scottish Fold Munchkin Cats Facts


Scottish Fold Munchkins originated from two breeds Scottish Fold and Munchkins. So to understand the history of Scottish Fold Munchkins we have to understand Scottish Fold and Munchkins.

Scottish Fold Cat

Scottish Folds are also known as Highland Fold, Scottish Fold Longhair, Longhair Fold. In 1966, this breed arrived.

The front part of their body is slightly tilted and their head is completely round and the eyes of the medium come. Their ears are folded forward. It is a medium-sized cat It is a medium-sized cat with males  4 to 6 kg and female up to 2.5 – 4 kg.

The original Scottish Fold was a white barn cat named was Susie, In 1961 the species was found on a farm near Cooper Angus, Perthshire, Scotland.

In 1961 the species was found on a farm near Cooper Angus, Perthshire, Scotland.

This species was registered in the United Kingdom in 1966 in the Cat Fancy (GCCF). 

76 kittens received in the first 3 years. Out of which 42 were received with folded ears and 34 with stem ears.

Munchkins Cat

Munchkin cat is a new breed of cat. They have short legs which are genetic traits.

Due to the short length of their feet, they cannot jump to a great height, but on the ground, they can run very fast which can make you tired. In 1995, the International Cat Association (TICA) recognized the species. 

He was in a lot of controversy about their length and believed that. it is not a healthy cat species which is small because of its heredity. Due to which the Governing Council of Cat Fancy has not recognized it as a standardized breed. 

Scottish Fold Munchkin Body Appearance:

The body of a cat of this species is almost similar to the size of a domestic cat. They are small and medium-sized. This cat’s Breed length is influenced by the Munchkin Cat. Their head is round and their height is less than the length of the body.

They have a cute face in the cats of this species, body texture is the main reason for attraction. Seeing his face makes you smile.

Their hind legs are stronger and longer than the next leg, which makes them easier to stand on the back and can make them jump more bounce.

The health of a Scottish Fold Munchkin

The average age of the Scottish fold munchkin small species is 10 to 15 years old. Genetic diseases are found in the cats of this species.

Osteodystrophy is a common disease found in them. Which is usually due to kidney disease or disturbances in calcium and phosphorus.

Even though we like their twisted ears and body texture, but due to their bone disease, the mutation can cause a lot of grief for the cat. Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is also a disease that affects the cats of this species. Usually, this happens when the cat is 5 to 6 years old (when she has spent half her age). In some cases, this work has also been seen in the age. In this disease, it affects the kidneys, so that it loses its aroma of digestion and vomits and also keeps tired.

How to recognize Scottish fold munchkin?

Identifying this species is not a difficult task. They are easily identifiable with small fold ears and low height. But sometimes their straight ears can be deceiving.

Care and Preparation for Scottish Fold Munchkin

They follow you everywhere and meet you by the door. When you come back home Scottish Fold Munchkin kittens are very affectionate cuddly and playful they are friendly with people kids and other animals.

I would like to tell you. what do you need to get before you bring your cat on the home? first, you need to get a pet carrier. so you can take your baby home or to travel traveling can be scary for a kitten. so make sure the carrier is roomy enough and comfortable.

Carrier For Scottish Fold Munchkin

Please Choose soft pet carriers because it’s not only comfortable but good for kids of all ages. then you need to get a kitten food and bowl. Kitten has lots of energy. so select balls that won’t flip over too easily. you also need to wash food and water bowls daily to keep it fresh.

Sometimes it’s a little stressful for kittens to change the environment. if they don’t eat there is a little trick you can use all kittens love Gerber baby food. you can mix it with canned food they will love. 

We recommend adding to the meal probiotic. you can sprinkle over their wet foot. the dry foot is good to clean Cat bowl but make sure you give them wet food as well. because dry food takes a lot of water out of their body which can cause problems with the bladder.

you need to get a litter and the litter box.  A Litter box is first priority for your Scottish Fold Munchkin cat.

Room Arrangement for Scottish Fold Munchkin

Now you’re ready to bring your new family member home. 

First, it’s better to keep it hidden in a separate room. this space should be off-limits of other pets and young children. furnish the space with a litter box, food, and water dishes comfortable bedding and toys. 

Motor, electronics and power cords completely remove objects that might pose a choking hazard. also, avoid anything with hard sharp points that can break off. if you can swallow even a small piece it can cause digestive problems if you have other pets keep the door closed and slowly introduce them from a safe distance.

Some Unique Facts Of Scottish Fold Munchkin

1. Multiple types of fold

Most people understand that all cats of the Scottish fold munchkin species have folded ears. But this is not true. Out of 100 cats, 50 cats can have their ears folded and these ’50s may have one ear folded in 20.
Also, there are two types of hair in the cats of this species – one with long hair and the other with short hair.

2. Lop-Eared Name

Scottish fold munchkin breed when produced. This species was known as lop-eared. Then the name changed to “Scottish fold munchkin”.
The breed was produced in Scotland. Hence their name will be given to Scottish Look.

3. A Funny Different Position.

The Scottish fold munchkin species also have a special feature in the Cat that their walking and sitting positions are different from the other species’ cats.

Sometimes it makes a very funny face and likes to walk in awkward positions, seeing that you will not be able to stop your laughter.

Now when you see a Scottish fold munchkin in a room alone, they are mostly found in fog positions.

4. Favorite Activity

Scottish fold munchkin species have a special activity that makes them different from other domestic cats. These cats like to spend time with the members of the house.
Whereas other domestic cats like to spend more time with toys and jump bounce, the Scottish fold munchkin likes to play with children. They just love attention

5. Colors and Patters

Scottish fold munchkin is available in many color patterns and sizes. They also come in many different sizes and sizes, such as short hair, medium size. Scottish Fold Munchkin breeds are found mainly in every color. They are found in black to blue and red and other colors and eyes are also found in many colors

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