Savannah Cat Compared To The House Cat

Savannah Cat Compared To The House Cat
Savannah Cat Compared To The House Cat

Savannah Cat Compared To The House Cat this blog post compares savannah cat and Domestic cat based on nature of Relationship with Humans and other behavior.

The Savannah cat is one of the larger cat species. This is a hybrid cat. Which cross between a serval and a domestic cat. Because of this, Savannah has the qualities of both a domestic and a wild cat.

The savannah cat is very different from a domestic one. They can be easily identified by looking at them because their height and height is more than a domestic cat.

The domestic cat, on the other hand, is of a normal length and width. Their jump is not good enough. Although a domestic cat can also be cross, but not with any serval cat. A domestic cat is more domesticated than a Savannah cat.

Compared Between Savannah Cat And Domestic Cat

#Savannah CatDomestic Cat
Hybride YesNot necessary
SizeLargeMedium, Small
Weight14-25 Pound5-20 Pound
Height15-20 Inches8-10 Inches
Lifespan12-20 Years2-16 Years
Difficult To HandleHighLow
Price$12,000 to $16,000$250 to Above 
Savannah cat vs Domestic Cat

Relationship with Humans

Savannah CatDomestic Cat
F1 savannah cats have the largest percentage (about 50%) of wild servants. So that they do not love man as much as a domestic cat.For these only 1 – 2 people are enoughThe domestic cat likes to meet more people than Savannah. some domestic cats like Burmese, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, etc. This species loves the baby very much.
Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Cat Relationship with Humans


Savannah CatDomestic Cat
Raw chickenSupplemented with vitamins and mineralsWellness wet foodNot much water is requiredMeat and/or meat byproductsGrain and/or grain byproductsFish mealFiber sourcesMilk productsVitamin and mineral supplementsMuch water is required.
Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Cat Diet

Different Between Savannah Cat And Domestic Exercise

Savannah CatDomestic Cat
The savannah cat is a mixture of a wild cat, which has a greater viscosity of body muscles. So that it does not get tired easily. Therefore they need to exercise moreThe domestic cat gets tired quicker than the savannah cat. Because their muscles are much lighter
Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Exercise

Helth Compared Savannah Cat and Domestic

Savannah CatDomestic Cat
Health problems of Savannah cats are very low, although they have also applied all the necessary vaccines. Still, it has more resistance to disease than domestic cats.The disease resistance of domestic cats is low due to which they have to have cared for more.Chances of getting sick as the environment changes
Savannah Cat Vs Domestic Helth

Here we completed Savannah Cat Compared To The House Cat. let me know in the comment box if I miss some points.

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