Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Facts, History, lifespan, colors

Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Facts, History, lifespan, colors
Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats Facts, History, lifespan, colors

Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats is a species of famous cats native to Russia. These species are believed to have come to Britain from Russia and then to North America via merchant ships. They are known in North America circa 1889.

They get their name from having a unique blue and silver coat. Russian blue cat also knows as the archangel blue cat.

The cats of this breed are very intelligent and easy to train. Although they are generally fickle, they are a bit timid around strangers. This was killed due to its fur at one time.

Life Span: 15 to 20 years.
Origin Russia
Weight 8 to 15 pounds
Height 10 inches in height
Eye Color: Russian Blue is born with blue eyes, but the color changes to the final adult. Russian Blues have a distinctive green eye color.
Colors Silvery Grey
Group Shorthair
Price $300 To $700

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about the Russian Blue Hypoallergenic Cats.

1. Lucky Cat

The Russian cat is believed to be lucky for the family, It is considered a symbol of luck. Some experts also believe that the Russian Blue Cat protects newborns from evil spirits, and it is also believed that once a prince fell victim to a major disease which was completely cured by the Russian Cat.

2. Don’t Talk to strangers

This breed is super friendly with people they interact with the home members, but the Blue cat you will not surprised if your Russian blue cat doesn’t respond well to visitors.

3. Clean

You must be clean, this cat requires brushing in addition to the constant cleaning rituals that they provide for themselves. Russian Blue is a very clean cat and loves to live in cleanliness, so if you want to bring a Russian Blue Cat to your home then you have to take care of cleanliness.

4. Beautiful color

Russian Blue Cat is one of the beautiful cat breeds. Blue Cat is known for its different colors in the whole world. Which comes in coat color and density, Russian Blue Cat Uniform Gray-Blue Hue which we immediately recognize.

The color of the eyes of this species attracts us, and this breed is appreciated by many people across the world for its unique and endearing qualities.

Some Other Personality Facts

Russian blue cat Facts
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

The Russian Blue is a very people-orient cat. It’s a gentle cat very quiet. they normally will not make much noise unless they want to be fed or they want your attention.

They aren’t necessarily a cat that will be all over you and bother you. All the time but they do like to be in the same room as you for instance.

if you’re working on your computer. they’ll go over onto a chair or whatever is comfortable closest to you. And then they will sit and watch what you’re doing.

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