7 Tips for a Long Road Trip with a Cat

7 Tips for a Long Road Trip with a Cat
7 Tips for a Long Road Trip with a Cat

To Road trip with a cat, there’s a bunch of stuff that you’re should know. I want to talk about some important things that I have learned tips and tricks of traveling with cats. Just as a note we have been moving from Georgia to California so it has been about a three and a half-day drive.

Bag Pack for Road Trip with a Cat

A diaper bag and paper bag for cat and lots of different stuff like extra blankets to the baby wipes and hand warmers because if you’re in a place that you don’t have a microwave you still need to be able to keep it warm.

so these are like single-use with them you may also bring a couple of emergency supplies just in case something goes wrong.

Food, Water, and Milk.

Second, the most important thing is Food, water, and milk because you know when you are on a long journey one or half days cat need to eat and drink. So what we can do before leaving home. we feed the cat at night you know when we get to the hotel we give her a can of food. You can give her a can of food at night and she has all night to eat it.

Keep them hydrated it’s easy to forget on those long drives to make sure your cat has water and you know it can get hot in the trailer as well also be sure to keep them hydrated and give them plenty of water we really like using this foldable Cup because it packs away easily and we can pop it up into the car or the trailer and you can get one for your food as well number.

You should put a milk jar to make the formula at the right temperature. if you have a formula powder for your cat. and you can use a refrigerator and you can put it in a cooler or put some ice packs in there to maintain temperature.

Carrier for Cats in-car Travel

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You should choose a Comfortable carrier which has a lot of ventilation which is a great thing you want to have a carrier with ventilation but you’re walking outside and it’s really cold you don’t want there to be a cold draft getting in so while you are walking to the car so just cover the top of that with a blanket so that there are not cold winds getting in.

So make sure our cat is comfortable in their career. The best way to do this is to get blankets that they like or something that they are new snuggly with and keep. it in there with them so throughout the journey they may feel a little bit more comfortable in the carrier.

If you are going to be in the car longer than say 5 or 6 hours. you want to make sure that your cat is in a carrier that it’s big enough for them. To move around in so they can stand up stretch and reposition themselves. you don’t want your cat being uncomfortable during the long journey.

Plenty of breaks

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Now it is important to break up a long journey now this is just as important for cats as it is for people. Now once we go and go to the toilet or get a coffee or some snacks your cat might need a comfort break too.

So once you make sure that your car is the park on the side the cars are doors are shut. you can let your cat out of the carrier and let them have a bit of a window around the car. If your cat leash trained this is wonderful because you can let them move out and have a lot bit more walk with them.

Litter Box

Now when it comes to using it their litter box I highly recommend that you buy some disposable litter boxes and these are really easy to get in getting from a large pet shop or you can get them on Amazon.

These are just little boxes that have a litter in them already and you can just throw them out after using that. You could either put this on the floor of the car and let your cat do their business or again if your cat leash trained you can do it outside. I’d suggest getting some of these if your car journey is going to be longer than five or six hours.


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Now safety is of the utmost importance. You wouldn’t ride in the car without a safety belt, would you? And it’s exactly the same for your cat. They are a passenger in a moving vehicle. Now, fortunately, most cat carriers or animal carriers, in general, are designed with ways to attach a seat belt to them.

But if they’re not it is very easy to get attachments from places like Amazon from pet shops or something you can ask your vet about. These usually attach really easily and make sure that the carrier is nice and secure. Just remember that every time that the car is moving that your cat is strapped in.


Unfortunately, cats do get car sick as people if your cat is prone to motion sickness. You can make a good recipe for catnip and ginger tea which is great for an upset stomach or for motion sickness.

Now if you do want to minimize the risk of your cat vomiting in your car, I suggest not feeding them in the morning this means that their stomach is empty so if they are feeling a bit nauseous they’re less likely to throw up. now don’t worry your cat will be fine and remember is that you offer your cat plenty of water during the journey a great way of keeping your cat calm during a journey is to play some of our relaxing music for cats.

Thanks for reading Road Trip with a Cat. I hope that you found these tips useful

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