Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation

Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation
Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation

Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation

When you are going to a vocation or you are going out of the city for some important work. And it is a very worrying thing to have your beloved cat alone in your house. Therefore, before leaving, it becomes your duty to take care of certain things.

In this blog post, I will talk to you about how to take care of food, water, toys, entertainment and health for your cat. In addition, we will also know how we can monitor our cat by staying away from home through the mobile application

1. Food and water, make sure they have extras

The first thing you want to do is make sure your cats have enough food when you’re going. I recommend an automatic feeder the great thing about these is the food does not dry out as much as. it has a nice lid that closes tightly and stays secure.

so as the cats eat the food more new food drops down. and measure the correct amount of food that the cats will need. while you are Leaving Your Cat Home Alone During Vacation. I recommend you to do add at least a day or two extra. just in case they get hungry.

another important part of leaving your cat at home is making sure. they have enough water while you’re going. you want to make sure that you get a sturdy and steady automatic waterer.

it’s important to note what kind of containers your cats like to drink. Some cat loves plastic and some others. so make sure to leave a couple of extra plastic containers around the house full of water. just in case they get dirty while You are gone. and  make sure they have clean fresh drinking water 

2. Make sure the litter is okay

One of the most important things about leaving their cats at home is having a good litter box.

make sure that they’re entertained and that they scratch the scratching toy and not your furniture. 

Come to the litter box and make a slightly larger choice. So that even if it is not cleaned for a few days, it still has enough space for your cat.

3. Make sure they’re entertained

another important part of leaving your cats at home is making sure that they’re entertained while you’re On Vacation. They have a scratching toy and also have special toys just to make them extra interesting for them.  Whatever your cat’s favorite toys will be given to him to play so that he can play whenever he is bored.

And they get to play with these when you are out of town. you may also leave the TV on as well on Cat’s favorite TV channel. Or you can keep the radio on in a low volume so that your cat can sleep well and be entertained. so they do feel comfortable. 

4. Surveillance

Also never leave cat home without Surveillance app it allows you to see your cat live by security cameras. so you can see what your cats are doing at all times.

Some App has a recording feature. that will send you an alert anytime. they move around specific areas of the house.

You have to find a webcam where you can easily see your cat. My recommendation is to put webcams on cat food and watering places.

So that whenever the cat comes to eat food and drink water, you can monitor it.

From this, you can also find out how many times your cat is eating food throughout the day and also you can check that the food is not finished. So that you can send your dear friend or neighbor to your house and get food as soon as the food is finished.

Here is a camera apps for Android

5. Comfort zone

Make sure that you have somebody. who can come to your house and check on your cat? if need be or if there’s an emergency. You can also hire a pet sitter when your neighbors have also gone out of the city. This is a good idea. So that your tension will decrease slightly.

You should make sure that your cats have somewhere comfortable to sleep. And a comfortable area should also be where your cat can spend as much time comfortably with his or her toys.

This place you can also choose your cat’s favorite place in which you can make a comfortable area for your cat.

6. Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation Cat’s Helth is Most Important

Before going to the Vocation, take care that your cat’s health is good. He should not have any symptoms of any disease or illness. Otherwise, it can be very dangerous when you are outside and your cat’s health worsens.

So before going to the location, you must take the opinion of the vet and if necessary, check it so that you can be sure that your cat is absolutely healthy.

And if your cat is on medication and you need to go. So, please tell your friend this cat sitter the medicine packet and the rules of giving medicines. So that your cat will enjoy you till you come.

7. Relocate plants  and other harmful items

Your home plants and other things that can harm your cat in your non-existence. Like some plants which are poisonous to small pets. Your cat cannot reach them by keeping them out of the house or any such place.

There are many such items in the house that cats can harm themselves. You should close such harmful goods by placing them in a separate room.

1. Electric board and wire

Before leaving the house you should separate all the wires of the house from the electric board. So that he could not chew the wire due to stress.

2. Keep heavy goods down from its place.

Remove all heavy household items such as phone books, vases, and pots, etc. from the height and keep them in a separate room or on the low floor so that your valuable items, your furs, and your beloved cat will all be damaged.

8. Leave a few lights On when Leaving Cat Home Alone While On Vacation

Before going out of the house, keep small lights on in some parts of the house to make your cat feel comfortable and safe. 

You do not want your cat to stay in the dark of the night and damage all the household items. In addition to keeping the light on, turn off unnecessary electronic items of the house. So that your cat is in danger of some kind.

With this, this blog post ends, if you feel that I have missed a few points, then do tell in the comment box below. if you change your mood and you want to take your cat with you read this article 7 Tips for a Long Road Trip with a Cat

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