How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane

How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane
how to travel with a cat on a plane

Are you also nervous to bring your pet on the plane with you? Then stay cute and Read this blog about how we got our cat an item on the plane with us. Today I am going to share with you. About traveling home for the holidays and specifically traveling home with your cat.

Step: 1 Check with the Airline

So the number one thing. What you need to do to bring your cat with you on a plane is just check with the airlines. What are their policies because sometimes some airlines want you to bring all the paperwork with you, like their vaccinations or a note from the doctor and some airlines just let you go.

Step: 2 Prepare a Cage or Carrier

Not all airlines and airplanes have the same requirements for your pet carrier. So make sure to check with your airlines for whatever size requirement of the pet carrier. So how to prepare your pet for travel with a cat on a plane. We suggest using the higher quality of airline pet care such as Sleepypod Sherpa or study bag. Don’t forget to carry wipes for your pets. you can choose any wipes that right from your local pet shop very anxious during the flight.

You would be to get a nice pet carrier with you. Make sure you check on the airline’s website about the pet carrier size. You can get it from the airlines or if you want to save some money. I would say order from Amazon has really nice prices.

I just recommend to you. you should put a harness on him with a leash that goes with it but you kept the harness on the entire time. Just because. it just made it so much easier to hold on to our cat because he had the harness. Basically that carrier has to go through the x-ray. So you have to carry or your pet through the human x-ray right.

Step: 3 Do Not Feed Your Cat At Least Three Hours Before The Flight

How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane
How to Travel with a Cat on a Plane

Yes, the most important thing would be doing not feed your cat I know it’s hard but do not feed your cat do not give any food or water at least three hours before the flight you need to have that, yeah otherwise they are they will have an accident for sure.

Step: 4 Vet Advice For Cats

I highly recommend going to check with your vet. Yes, check with your vet before you take your pet on any type of travel. Just for any health conditions or just to you know to make sure that they’re comfortable with your pet traveling with you.

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