Bombay Cat Facts, History, Colors, and Price

Bombay Cat Facts, History, Colors, and Price
Bombay Cat Facts, History, Colors, and Price

Bombay Cat is a breed of short-haired cat. This cat developed by breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats. Bombay cat is a medium-sized and short-haired cat.

Weight (Male)5 – 8 kg.
Weight (Female)3 – 5 kg
Eye color:Copper, Gold
Hair ShortHair
Price$500 to $700.
Also Called as Black Mamba
Lifespan15-20 yrs
Bombay Cat Breed


This breed was created by a broker named Nikki Horner. Nikki Horner was to create a breed that looked like a black panther. The first attempt was made in 1958 to produce this beautiful breed but it failed. But in 1965 the breed was finally formed.

The breed was officially recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association in 1970.


Bombay cats are solid black with black paw pads, nose, and nails gold and copper-colored eyes they are small to medium in size the coat is short and very sleek.

This cat breed requires minimum care. By the way, due to the color of Bombay Cat being dark black, this breed is known as Little Panther.

But Bombay Cat also comes with white hair. But people are mostly in the black race

Energy Level

If we talk about the energy level of Bombay Cat is very good, they can play with you for hours so that they do not need to do extra exercise.

The secret to being high energy is that this breed has more muscle in its body so that it can make you tired early in the game.


Bombay make wonderful family pets and are one of the best breeds for children they like to spend lots of time with children and play. This cat breeds comfort in outdoor and indoor.

Bombay breed is intelligent, playful, and attention-seeking The Bombay Cat cries and meow more than the other cat’s breeds.


With Bombay, there are not many issues of temperature. Because they like summer. Therefore, it is not a matter of concern for them to have a slightly higher temperature.

Many times, Bombay cats can remain hidden in sheets for hours, they do not get suffocated.

How to recognize Bombay Cat Breed:

  1. The first major identity of Bombay Cat is black fur. Therefore, this breed is also called Little Panther.
  2. The second aspect is their loving gold or copper eyes, which you will easily see from a distance.
  3. They have a rounded head with a short nose.
  4. Bombay cat has a muscular body but does not build stocky.
  5. It is a more spoken breed cat. It is not very loud but it speaks more than other species.
  6. The Bombay Cat is an intelligent breed that learns the things happening around it very efficiently. Like how to open the door of the bedroom and how to solve puzzle games.
  7. This species has a great affection for nature as well as a brotherly affection for other animals. There is no problem in playing with a cat or dog of another breed.
  8. Bombay cats are very social, they make people their friends.

Health Issue:

Health issues are found in every cat species that it may be less and more prevalent in the species of cats. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM) is the most common Helth problem in cats.

Bombay Cat loves to eat, so make sure that you do not spoil your weight by eating Bombay too much. So that you get into trouble.

So give 2 to 3 times of your day to eat. Do not give anything in the food that spoils the stomach of the beloved cat. For this, you must take the opinion of your Wet. 

Why You Should Own a Bombay Cat?

Why You Should Own a Bombay Cat
Why You Should Own a Bombay Cat?

Bombay Cat is a beautiful species of cats. If we forget the shape for some time, it will almost look like a litter panther because of its dark black hair.

1. They like to be cuddled

Bombays likes to be hugged. It is one of the cute cats that like to spend more time with its owner. It likes to jump on you like a small child and sit on the body. 

2. They are extremely friendly

It behaves like a family member from the members of its home. Also, they like children very much when they feel like playing, often they find a family member.

Bombays have a lot of energy so that sometimes they make you tired to play too. As mentioned above.

3. They like to go for walks

They like to roam outside but go out and take the leash with them so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble.

4. They love children

If you have a small child in your house then you must keep it in Bombay Cathouse. This species loves children and enjoys spending more time with children and playing.

5. They are fun and playful

They will never bore your family members, they are mostly in the mood for fun. He loves playing and jumping on the furniture in the house.

When a new guest comes, They like meeting new people and make their best friends in the first meeting.

Rather some breeds prefer not to meet new people like Savannah.

6. Bombay Love for Water

Some species of cats do not like water at all when they are bathed in water, but Bombay Cat likes water. This is due to their attachment to nature.

Is a Bombay cat right for me?

The Bombay Cat is an energetic breed that speaks more than other domestic cats. He likes to spend more time with his owner.

If you like peace and you are not able to give more time with your cat, then maybe you should look at some other cat.

Fact about Bombay cats:

  1. Bombay cat is not a natural cat breed.
  2. Bombay cat is also known as a little black panther.
  3. These breeds come with entire black but some are some in white hair.
  4. These breeds are heat seekers.
  5. Bombay cats are foot lovers.
  6. Bombay cat loves children.


Bombay cats are so cute and loveable and friendly but are warned they are notoriously loud and may be frustrating if you can’t tolerate a vocal cat.

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